How Alomune Works

Our Amazing Ingredient, Larch Arabinogalactan

Almost everybody has heard about taking Vitamin C to stay healthy. Now there's something backed by clinical research that's shown better immune benefits than those shown in studies on Vitamin C. (Ref 6)

Made in the U.S. from renewable Minnesota Larch trees, larch arabinogalactan helps increase your body's ability to prepare for and respond to immune challenges. Larch arabinogalactan provides a safe and clinically proven way to naturally activate your immune system and keep you healthy and active all year long.

The Care You Take Everyday

Alomune is a daily immune supplement that contains larch arabinogalactan, a safe, natural extract of the larch tree clinically shown to have important immune benefits. Larch arabinogalactan has been shown to help the immune system in 3 different ways – helping support the body's own friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, which makes up 70% of the immune system (Ref 7) improving the innate immune response, which is with us from birth (Ref 3,4) and improving the adaptive immune response, which is built over time and exposure (Ref 2,5).

Alomune also adds to your daily fiber intake and has antioxidant activity similar to that of pomegranates (as measured by Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) per 100g).

Take Alomune Daily To Help You Stay Healthy

Many immune products are taken only when you don't feel well. Alomune is the immune supplement you take when you do feel well and want help staying that way.

A clinical trial on healthy adults suggested that 57% more people stayed healthy on measured outcomes taking Alomune than those taking a placebo (Ref 1). In comparing this clinical trial's results using NNT values to the results of 21 clinical trials on Vitamin C evaluated in an independent review (Ref 6), Alomune showed twice the immune benefit.

Details: 39 of 97 (40.2%) in arabinogalactan group stayed healthy on measured immune outcome compared to 23 of 90 (25.6%) in the placebo group. (40.2%-25.6%)/25.6%=57%


Take Alomune Daily To Help Arm Your Natural Defenses

A clinical trial on healthy adults suggested that those taking Alomune had significant increases over those taking placebo in the non-inflammatory, IgG adaptive immune response, when exposed to an immune challenge. (Ref 5)

The body's natural defenses are made up of different components that work together to help it stay healthy. One key component is the adaptive immune response, which the body builds to defend against specific immune challenges it encounters.

Increases in the IgG adaptive immune response are generally accepted to indicate better defenses.

Details: the study showed significant increases in mean serum pneumococcal IgG antibody levels in the arabinogalactan group versus the placebo group following pneumonia vaccination - 86% and 80% at 51 and 72 days, respectively, for the 18C serotype and 95% and 82% at 51 and 72 days, respectively, for the 23F serotype.


* The views expressed here are Dr. Johnston's personal views and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of Defense or its components.

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